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Buy cannabis seeds Darwin

Darwin Farms.You know that a cannabis plant produces beautiful buds that are as potent as they are pretty, but else do you know about this multi-purpose plant? Understanding the different stages of growth can help even the most amateur gardener earn a bumper crop of cannabis, especially when you start your marijuana garden with Darwin cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, a leading online seed vendor making regular deliveries to our dedicated Australian customers.

What is the cannabis vegetative stage?

Every plant, not just cannabis, has a vegetative stage where the it will develop strong stems and branches to carry the weight of leaves, flowers, and fruit once the plant enters the flowering stage. For most cannabis plants, the vegetative stage will last a few weeks but you can technically veg them for significantly longer to develop a bigger, stronger, heartier plant.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Darwin

Ideally during this stage your pot plants will receive about 18 hours (or more) of full-spectrum light (usually from a high pressure sodium bulb). The more light your plant receives, the faster it will grow. Try to maintain humidity levels of between 45% and 65%, and temperatures between 72 and 85 degrees. Too hot and your plants may develop mold or other diseases. Additionally, ensure adequate air circulation using exhaust or oscillating fans. Lastly, a nutrient rich fertilizer will guarantee your plants have the food they need to beef up before its time to flower.

How do I switch my cannabis plant to flowering?

This next step is probably the easiest, though it does require a little patience. Once your plants have reached at least 18 inches you can consider switching them to the flowering stage, where they will produce the sticky, resin-covered buds you’ll collect come harvest time. Plants with auto-flowering genetics will make this switch automatically once they reach a certain height, but other plants will need to be manually switched by changing the duration of the light.

As mentioned above, weed plants in the vegetative stage should receive at least 18 hours of light a day. To switch to the flowering stage, a grower must change the duration of light to 12 hours.

Can I legally grow cannabis seeds in Darwin?

A recent study showed that the majority of Australians are totally fine with the use of marijuana, with at least a reported 750,000 owning up to using a little ganja on a weekly basis. It was a logical step for the country’s government to approve the use of medical cannabis for patients with qualifying conditions (as determined by a registered physician). Unfortunately, the right to cultivate your own medical pot from top quality cannabis seeds wasn’t included in that landmark decision, though with the majority opinion of weed being overwhelmingly favorable, this outcome should come to pass sooner rather than later.


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