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Apple Fritter Strain Online

Apple Fritter Strain, also known as “Apple Fritters,” is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Sour Apple X Animal Cookies strains.

Best known for making the High Times’ 2016 “World’s Strongest Strains” List,

this baby brings on a hard-hitting high and super delicious flavor that will have

you begging for more after just one taste. This bud has a super sweet fruity apple flavor

The aroma is very similar, with an herbal effect to it, too.

The Apple Fritter high starts almost as soon as you experience your first exhale,

filling your mind with a rushing lift that pushes out any negative or racing thoughts almost immediately. buy APPLE FRITTER

Buy Apple Fritter Online | Order Apple Fritterin California

Apple Fritter Strain Online

Put out by Lumpy’s Flowers, Apple Fritter is a strain with secret origins.

Those who enjoy Apple Fritter say this strain allows you to enjoy an evening without losing your cool. Apple Fritter has a flavor and and

that come off as sweet and earthy, with a light cheesy apple pastry influence.

Are schools still telling kids that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Since apples are high in sugar and cyanide, eating one every day is likely to start eroding your teeth. I’d rather let coffee do that.

As with most fruits, desserts and drinks are responsible for the majority of my apple intake nowadays. An occasional piece of

Routine spots of dark purple and a beefy coat of trichomes make the strain’s wintergreen color seem darker than it really is — a trait every dispensary loves to showcase.

More info about Apple Fritter Strain

However, the strain’s heavy THC content and slowly relaxing effects come on much stronger for newer users, and perpetual munchies means that my stomach stays higher a lot longer than my mind does with this one.

Home grower’s take: “Growers in the Bay and California were really high on it a few years ago, so big surprise that it’s in Colorado now. buy APPLE FRITTER

We love their yesterday strains. Can’t hate it, though. Apple Fritter has a good high. Getting that apple in there makes it brighter than most Cookies or OGs, and it takes some dedication to watch over those heavy buds for nine weeks.”

Even if you’ve been enjoying cannabis for decades, clear your schedule before you toke, because you might end up glued to the couch far earlier than you’d expect.

Buy Apple Fritter Online | Order Apple Fritterin California

Apple Fritter Strain online:

  1. Search Online Marketplaces: You can start by visiting popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart’s website. Use their search functions to look for “apple fritters.”
  2. Local Bakeries and Cafes: Many local bakeries and cafes may also offer the option to order apple fritters online for delivery or pickup. Use search engines to find bakeries in your area that offer this service.
  3. Food Delivery Apps: Apps like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash often partner with local bakeries and restaurants, allowing you to order food items like apple fritters for delivery to your location.
  4. Online Bakeries: Some specialized online bakeries may exclusively sell pastries and baked goods. You can search for these using your preferred search engine or visit their websites directly.
  5. Check Reviews and Ratings: When you find a source, it’s a good idea to read reviews and check ratings to ensure you are getting a quality product.
  6. Payment and Delivery Options: Be sure to review the payment methods accepted and the delivery options available. Some places may have minimum order requirements or specific delivery fees.

Remember to exercise caution when sharing personal and payment information online, and ensure that the website or platform you choose is reputable and secure.

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Apple Fritter Strain History & Genetics

You’d think that a strain with such an incredible reputation would have a very clear history, but Apple Fritter wins awards left and right without people knowing much about her. Said to be a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, she’s popular up and down the state of California.


Apple Fritter is an interesting gal, as many users initially find her to be incredibly euphoric as she imparts a huge burst of creativity. Although it sounds like this would be an ideal time to work on an art project or write a new song, most will be far too relaxed to actually do anything with their newfound inspiration. As the high progresses, this sedation only intensifies and brings individuals to a place that’s full of body heaviness and eventually sleep. For this reason, we tend to enjoy toking on Apple Fritter in the afternoon or evening. 

Strains that are incredibly potent tend to do an amazing job with medical concerns, and Apple Fritter is no different. This bud is known for acting like a power-washer for all of your problems, eliminating pain, battling insomnia, and allowing mental issues like stress, depression, and anxiety to vanish. Keep in mind just how strong she really can be, because although you may love her effects, you can’t just smoke to your heart’s content.


Plants with mysterious origins typically end up staying that way, so finding seeds or clones of Apple Fritter is likely not going to happen any time soon. In fact, information regarding the cultivation of this strain doesn’t seem to exist at all, so instead, focus your efforts on finding her at your local dispensary.

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